Enabling Mobile Productivity Without Sacrificing Protection

Businesses today are dealing with incredible advances in mobile device technology, massive adoption of smart devices and an unstoppable BYOD trend. In response, most enterprises have multiple mobility initiatives spread across their organization – some focused on mobile email, some focused on mobile apps, and others focused on mobile content. Within these initiatives, there are diverse ownership models and varying levels of enterprise management possible. In some use cases (corporate owned devices), complete management of devices is needed, but in other cases (personally owned devices), enterprises may only want control of specific corporate apps and data – not the whole device.

To achieve these widely varying enterprise business objectives, an ideal enterprise mobility solution should address diverse use cases and ownership models. To help enterprises take full advantage of mobility without sacrificing protection, Symantec announced today the availability of the Symantec Mobile Management Suite – a single solution that consists of three products covering mobile device management, application management, and threat protection:

  • Symantec Mobile Management is the mobile device management product that provides visibility and control over iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Two versions of Symantec Mobile Management are included – a version that can be deployed either as a standalone or integrated with Symantec Endpoint Management (ITMS) deployments, and a second version to be deployed into Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager environments.

Symantec Mobile Management can be employed in use cases where complete device management is required or desired. Typical use cases include mobile email deployment, BlackBerry migration, mobile policy management, and mobile configuration management. Key features of Symantec Mobile Management include enterprise user activation, configuration and policy management, app and content distribution, compliance enforcement, selective wipe, secure email and asset management.

  • Symantec App Center, formerly Nukona App Center, is the mobile application management product that provides comprehensive distribution and protection for mobile apps and content on iOS and Android devices. Corporate apps are containerized using a unique technology that doesn’t require source code changes, and enables clear separation of corporate and personal data on the device.

Symantec App Center can be employed in use cases where complete device management cannot be employed or is not needed, and where control over just specific corporate apps and data is desired. Typical use cases include mobile application deployments, and mobile content driven deployments in both corporate and personally owned BYOD environments. Key features of Symantec App Center include enterprise app distribution, app and content protection policies, enterprise content distribution and selective wipe.

  • Symantec Mobile Security is a threat protection product that provides award-winning antivirus technology, advanced firewall, and anti-spam functionality for Android and Windows Mobile platforms. With centralized policy-driven management and reporting, Symantec Mobile Security helps ensure there are compliance policies in un-trusted ecosystems.

Symantec Mobile Security can be employed in use cases where end users download apps of their choice from any app store in the Android ecosystem by protecting from malicious apps. Typical use cases include securing sizeable Android deployments in global user bases, field users and contractors, as well as securing legacy Windows Mobile and CE operational devices. Key features of Symantec Mobile Security include antimalware, Web protection (safe browsing), anti-theft, enterprise policy management, application blacklisting, visibility and compliance.

Symantec Mobile Management Suite simplifies the licensing process with a per-user subscription model, making mobile costs more predictable. With the common device-based licensing, and users carrying multiple devices in the form of smartphones and tablets, enterprises are forced to pay multiple times for the same user. With Symantec’s new model, IT teams no longer need to count the devices and instead use a simpler user count. Additionally, Symantec Mobile Management Suite uses subscription based pricing, so organizations can better address their capital and operational expenditures.

With scalable device management, innovative application management and trusted threat protection technology, Symantec Mobile Management Suite provides all the capabilities needed for enterprises to enable, secure and manage mobile devices, applications, and data. Organizations that rely on Symantec Mobile Management Suite for the management and protection of their mobile devices will enjoy specific benefits that include:

  • One Solution for Enterprise-Wide Mobile Deployments: BYOD, COPE, COIT – whichever deployment models an organization chooses to support, Symantec Mobile Management Suite provides a modular and scalable solution for all mobile initiatives and use cases.
  • Complete Protection for Enterprise Mobility: With trusted protection at the device, app and data layers, Symantec Mobile Management Suite ensures that corporate data is isolated and protected from data loss, malware, and unauthorized access.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: With users carrying multiple devices, Symantec Mobile Management Suite makes it cost-efficient with a per-user model (instead of per-device). In addition, integration with enterprise management products and automation tools enable operational efficiencies.

Symantec Mobile Management Suite is specifically designed to address a diverse set of enterprise mobility needs. Whether organizations want to enable mobile email or take advantage of mobile applications and content, or all of the above, Symantec Mobile Management Suite provides the most complete solution to support diverse use cases in personally owned, corporate owned and hybrid deployments.

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