Symantec builds an ecosystem of mobile apps

Businesses today are relying more on mobility than ever before. With more people working in multiple locations, at various times, and on a number of different devices, companies are trying to determine the best way to enable mobile productivity without sacrificing protection. These businesses are finding that to fully leverage mobility, they must make mobile applications available to users. However, deploying new applications requires significant resources to ensure proper integration, management and security.

To help enterprises overcome this challenge, Symantec today announced the Symantec App Center Ready Program. The program allows mobile application developers to embed Symantec’s security and management features, such as encryption, authentication, data loss prevention policies, app distribution and revocation, into their apps without changing their source code. IT organizations with Symantec App Center can now confidently deploy these apps across both iOS and Android platforms with the same level of management, protection and trust as in-house apps using the same technology.

Mobile application developers in the program can accelerate adoption by addressing concerns around information security. Participating developers will speed up time to market by eliminating additional coding and gain visibility for their apps through Symantec’s App Center Ready catalogue, which lists all trusted apps certified by Symantec. Developers can extend their market reach instantly and differentiate with the global recognition and trust Symantec brings.

Once app developers join the App Center Ready Program and download the library, they can make their applications secure with three simple steps:

  • Incorporate the App Center Ready library into their build process and sign the executable with their certificate.
  • Submit their signed applications to Symantec for validation as well as catalogue listing.
  • Publish to the appropriate App Store (Apple, Google, etc.).

Symantec App Center Ready libraries readily add enterprise grade security and management features to apps. This expedites the application development process and eliminates the need to integrate any vendor specific code into applications. App developers can keep focused on what they do best with their apps, and leverage Symantec for the additional enterprise security and management needs. By incorporating Symantec App Center Ready libraries, developers can add features such as:

  • Authentication with LDAP, SAML systems
  • Encryption of data at rest with FIPS 140-2 algorithms
  • Copy-paste restrictions on any data in the application
  • Restrictions on forwarding any contents of the application to other storage sites/apps
  • Remote OTA management including push, revoke and wipe

With Symantec’s App Center Ready badge on developers’ apps, they can answer all enterprise concerns about security and management. Developers can convey the additional enterprise benefits and command a premium price for this version of the app. Symantec App Center Ready libraries can be applied on any application (web, HTML5 or native) using the development and build environment of choice. Third party development tools, such as PhoneGap and Appcelerator, are also supported. Platforms supported in the program include Apple iOS 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 as well as Google Android 2.2 and above.

In the business world we live in today, relying on mobility means relying more on apps. To successfully do so, businesses need a better way to deploy apps without having to deal with the upfront work of ensuring the deployment will integrate into the system and will be managed and secured effectively. With the App Center Ready Program, Symantec is enabling companies to buy apps off-the-shelf, resulting in huge time and cost savings.

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