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Zero Trust Is Incomplete Without Continuous Authorization

… and continuous authorization is only possible with real-time device trust and a means to instantly revoke access. Let’s face it, most professionals in enterprise security would agree that when it comes to secure remote access, Zero Trust is the … Continue reading

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The COVID-19 Quarantine Is Exposing The Challenges Of VPN-dependent Remote Access

User frustration and productivity loss should be a wake-up call as we accelerate the long-evolving trend toward the borderless enterprise. Is the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting shelter-in-place response, really changing the way you think about securing your organization … Continue reading

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3 Simple Steps To Be A Great Manager

Most managers did not become managers because they completed a course in management or passed some test certifying them capable of managing others. There are courses, and even degrees, in management, but most managers first find themselves managing others without … Continue reading

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EMM and EFSS Should Work Together

Enterprises interested in supporting a mobile workforce figured out a while ago that they needed Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), even if it wasn’t always called that, and they didn’t really know precisely what they needed at the time. But they … Continue reading

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EFSS Should Be Secure, Not Just Convenient

Unifyle has already proven its mettle for convenience, being the only Enterprise File Sync and Share solution that gives you all of the benefits without migrating any files, and unifies access to everything in a single dashboard, on your mobile … Continue reading

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Working with files should be easy – even when mobile

Like everyone else in business, I just want things to work, including when I’m on my tablet or phone. Recent evolutions have helped by bringing us mobile business apps for just about anything you may want to do. And when … Continue reading

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Is Consumerization of IT Believable?

Enterprise IT projects are easy to spot. They are the ones that take weeks and months to complete.  And yet they may never truly be complete – because enterprise IT is necessarily complex. As an IT admin, I know it’s … Continue reading

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Tablets Will Cross the Tipping Point to become Serious Business Tools in 2014

Compared to PCs, tablets have faced severe limitations as a primary productivity tool for business. In fact, tablets have historically provided only a small fraction of the functionality businesses count on from desktop PCs and laptops. That will change in … Continue reading

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BYOD is a red herring!

Vendors plaster it all over their websites, touting how they solve the BYOD problem better than the next vendor.  If you put BYOD in the title of your webcast, show session, white paper, or anything else, you are sure to … Continue reading

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Users have made their move – now it’s your turn IT

For users of mobile technology, the decision has been made, and they are happy.  Users are eagerly buying up the gadgets of their choice to use for personal productivity and entertainment.  Now they can keep in contact with their family … Continue reading

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