EFSS Should Be Secure, Not Just Convenient

Unifyle has already proven its mettle for convenience, being the only Enterprise File Sync and Share solution that gives you all of the benefits without migrating any files, and unifies access to everything in a single dashboard, on your mobile device or in your browser.

Data security is also of paramount importance, regardless of where your files are. No one questions that encryption is the way to secure files at rest, and we are starting to hear of some of the cloud providers offering encryption. Box, for example, is now offering companies the ability to encrypt files using their own keys. This is smart for security, but kills some of the functionality normally provided by Box, like SEARCH, because Box can no longer read and work with the files. Plus, each provider will eventually have their own strategy for encryption, leading to a potential nightmare of key management and logistics.

Consolidating security offers similar benefits for security as consolidating access offers for productivity. If all of the functionality, like search, share, edit, etc. are all consolidated in the same location as encryption, your files can be secure without losing any convenience or productivity. One dashboard will hold the key (on-premises) and also provide unified search, secure sharing (even shared files can remain encrypted), and access to local editing.

Unifyle offers customers the ability to add encryption to ANY connected file source, and still give full functionality. Admins can use the same approach to encrypt any or all file sources with just a switch, completely independent of the storage location. Direct access to the cloud service will show only unreadable files. Using existing encryption solutions from Symantec and others, or Unifyle’s built-in encryption, customers have both flexibility and ease of management.

And if IT managers really want to get crazy with security, Unifyle makes adding anti-virus just as easy.

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