I am an often-requested speaker globally on a wide range of topics, technologies and trends, most recently on security, mobility and cloud. I have held executive level positions at business- and consumer-facing companies, both large and small, helped five startups get acquired, and hold multiple degrees in engineering and technology management.

I have over 30 years of industry experience, in engineering, product management, marketing, technology evangelism, and strategic consulting.  Although I started my career as a mechanical engineer, designing unique robots to inspect and repair nuclear power plants, today I track, discuss and provide vision on the latest technology trends, and how people and companies can best take advantage of them and prepare for what the future holds.

Most recently, I have been consulting, helping startups and other companies in need with their business, product and marketing strategies.  I have a knack for quickly understanding technology, market trends and buyers, and crafting compelling marketing strategies that generate strong market response and revenue growth.

On a personal note, I am happily married and the father of three wonderful kids who constantly amaze me with their accomplishments.  I am a technology junkie, but I also love the outdoors, and will jump at the chance to hang up all of my battery-powered gadgets to venture into the wilderness with nothing but my family and a few backpacks.  I count myself fortunate to find time for a couple of trips each year, ranging from quick 3 to 4-day outings to 11-day treks across the Sierras and over Mount Whitney – three times so far, once with each kid.

You can learn more about my professional life here on LinkedIn.