Is Consumerization of IT Believable?

Enterprise IT projects are easy to spot. They are the ones that take weeks and months to complete.  And yet they may never truly be complete – because enterprise IT is necessarily complex. As an IT admin, I know it’s always been that way and always will be.  Right?

Consumer projects, on the other hand, have to be simple enough and fast enough that almost anyone can get it done without getting frustrated and giving up after an hour of struggle.  Even the consumer “experts” have had to get their times down. An Xfinity system installation or upgrade used to waste 2 to 3 hours, but surprisingly is now generally done in half an hour.  As a consumer, I just won’t stand for it and consumer providers have adapted.

So why doesn’t enterprise IT have the same expectations? Technology continues to enable simpler products and services that don’t compromise on functionality. But IT admins are skeptical and slow to expect things in the enterprise to work as they do in our personal lives. Will they keep accepting the status quo, and thus slow the adoption of simpler products?  Or will they believe, and by believing speed the evolution of IT consumerization.

Unifyle is one of the companies committed to bringing the consumer experience to the enterprise with their simple, secure and easy-to-install software.  They are determined to change the perception of what enterprise IT can and should expect from their providers, and are even offering a challenge to IT admins to prove it.

Unifyle brings consumerization to enterprise file shares and other storage services by converting them to a consumer model, like Dropbox or Box.  People can share files directly from file shares without spreading uncontrolled copies everywhere, they can access and edit files using mobile devices, and they can find files almost anywhere with a single search.  Basically, the enterprise can have the flexibility and convenience that consumers already enjoy, but with enterprise controls and security.

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