Optimal Enterprise Mobility Strategy?

ClickSoftware’s Mobilefever blog asks:

How Can Companies Develop An Optimal Enterprise Mobility Strategy?

What would be the single most important piece of advice you would give to companies regarding developing an optimal Enterprise mobility strategy?  (all answers found here – my answer below)


Your mobile strategy should be driven by your specific business needs and business opportunities. No other business is exactly like yours. Understanding how a mobile workforce with the right mobile tools can enhance your business should be the key driver for all decisions around mobility. With a clear understanding of the jobs that your mobile workforce will address, you can follow the data to determine what devices, apps, and infrastructure will be required to deliver the business value safely and efficiently. BYOD will continue to gain traction, so embrace it. With app wrapping and other advanced technologies, businesses can completely protect business apps and data on BYOD devices without detracting from end user productivity and flexibility. If the business will provide devices, be sure that there is a rational argument for why this is required and why BYOD is less appropriate – these scenarios will continue to exist for some time.

Consider the totality of the mobile experience to understand all of the possible ways sensitive data may be lost or compromised. Protecting mobile data, at rest and in motion, under all circumstances is an absolute requirement, and a number of technologies will be required to provide this protection, from app wrapping and strong authentication to data encryption and control over communications with third party cloud services. The business objectives and the implementation plan will dictate which technologies will be required to protect the data, but data protection is not its own strategy – it is a requirement.

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