Industry Panel on VDI

I had the pleasure of participating in the latest Citrix Geek Speak event this past week.  Hosted by Shawn Bass, representatives from Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Quest, and of course Symantec (me) all had an opportunity to respond to some of the most common concerns and issues around practical implementations of VDI.  This included a discussion of current challenges, as well as how each company was addressing them and what we thought it might look like in the future.

As Shawn indicated at one point, this was the first forum where every vendor participant agreed that there was not one single solution to address all ecosystems (a theme Symantec has promoted for years).  Among topics discussed were the viability of pooled hosted virtual desktops, user state management, “heavy” applications that may not work well in this environment, WAN performance, and more.

So in case you missed this discussion, the archive is available at the link below.  Check it out and give us a call to discuss any topics at greater length.  We love talking about this stuff!

Panel Discussion on VDI

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