Interview with Brian Madden

Application virtualization and Streaming technologies are maturing and I am working with Scott Jones of Altiris to get the word out to a new community of Citrix experts at BriForum.

Brian Madden knows a lot about Softricity and Citrix’s Project Tarpon, but interviews us to learn what AppStream and Altiris are doing to challenge them.

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Brian Madden’s Program Notes:

Most people know that Softricity has offered application virtualization and streaming capabilities for Citrix and Terminal Servers for years. More recently they’ve extended their solution to desktops. And then of course Citrix’s upcoming Project Tarpon will also enable application streaming to both servers and desktops.

Desktop streaming and application virtualization is evolving the conversation about how applications are delivered in general. And when we start thinking about that, we have to look at another major player in the application virtualization field–Altiris–with their Software Virtualization Solution. Altiris is partnering with AppStream to offer a full solution that rival’s Microsoft Softricity or Citrix Tarpon.

In this podcast, we’ll discuss this solution and how it differs from some of the other things on the market.

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